Ignored but honored feet worshiper

He desires my feet, he wants to lick them and suck my juicy toes. I know it, and this is why I love to tease him by ignoring his desires.

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My feet worshiper

Of course, he knows he is a submissive and he has to obey my willing. But, deeper inside, he is a real feet worshiper.
For me, it is like playing “reward and punishment”. I allow him to worship my feet, and afterward, I make it hard for him to even smell them…
I ignore him, reading my book, while he suffers. It is extremely arousing.

Yes, ignoring is another practice that I love and that is extremely effective and impactful.

Put yourself in the shoes of a submissive:
how would you feel and be ignored by the object of your desire? How humiliating is it to understand that your value at that moment is zero? Well, managing this avalanche of conflicting emotions is not easy. It takes strength and determination to persist and continue to feel good in your role.

As a Mistress, I understand this very well. I know the psychological impact of such gestures and practices. I also know my submissive and his mind, so I know how to act in the various sessions.

It is important not to under estimate communication in your femdom relationship. By talking you know each other, you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and you don’t risk irreparably hurting the other.

Becoming a feet worshiper is a path that many submissives have done, right from the beginning of the relationship with their Mistress. Worshiping the lowest, “dirtiest” part of another person’s body isn’t always obvious. It is up to the Mistress to understand if there are problems or blocks, and train the submissive to like what she likes.

Femdom is also this, understanding the other and doing everything to achieve one’s goal of pleasure.

Back to my feet worshiper, I have to say that I love how she gently handles my feet, and how she pampers them with her warm, moist tongue.
It’s a pleasure, and I’m very excited to see him at my feet, devoted and submissive.

Feet and their meanings

Beyond their utilitarian function of providing support and mobility, feet play a symbolic and intimate role in the intricate choreography of a relationship.

Feet also serve as messengers of emotions. A gentle foot caress or a playful footsie under the table can convey sentiments that words might struggle to articulate. The tenderness of a foot massage after a long day becomes a non-verbal language of care and empathy, a silent acknowledgment of the burdens one carries.

Beyond the physical, feet are symbolic of mutual support. Moreover, the cultural significance of feet cannot be ignored. In many traditions, washing a partner’s feet is a gesture of humility and devotion, symbolizing a willingness to serve and nurture the relationship. The act of intertwining feet, whether while lounging on the sofa or lying in bed, creates a unique and intimate connection, reminiscent of the intricate dance of two souls entwined.

In conclusion, while often taken for granted, the role of feet in a couple’s dynamic is profound. They serve as both a practical means of moving forward and a symbolic expression of submission, devotion, and shared experiences.

My feet worshiper fits perfectly in this role, and behaves accordingly in every situation. I trained him to do so, therefore he obeys and enjoys this lifestyle.