My dreamy submissive chastity cuckold stories

Chastity cuckold stories is a tribute to Mistress Kym and her slave, to their femdom relationship and real story.

Chastity cuckold stories in Mistress Kym’s world

In this video depicting chastity cuckold stories, you discover that in a femdom relationship, there are a lot of practices that can be done. They vary from the softest to the hardest, and should be used at the discretion of the Mistress.

In my relationship, I strike a balance between everything I do.
Depending on the session or training, I use more or less intense practices. The important thing is to be consistent, to follow a base line, so as not to confuse your submissive.

To give an example: during an orgasm control training, chastity must always be present, at least at the beginning. This way, the submissive knows what he is getting into. Then, at a later time, it can be removed, and played in other more mental and intense ways (edging, ruined orgasm, etc.).

In my femdom relationship, I have experimented and want to experience a lot more.

Orgasm control occurs in several ways.
Usually, my sub wears a chastity cage, and carries it patiently until I decide to release him. It can be a day, a week or a month …

Since a few time, I have also introduced cuckolding in our relationship. I find it extremely exciting, strong effect and impact.

Quite often, I go out alone and meet other men, while my submissive is at home waiting for me, on his knees, at the door.
He is a cuckold and he knows this, and silently accepts whatever pleases me.

With this, he understands that he doesn’t own me, that I’m a free woman and that sexually I want to entertain myself as I want.
He will remain my submissive, the one who serves me and submits to my will.

These chastity cuckold stories and many others are present in our daily life.

My submissive cuckold and chastity story 151mk2020 THUMB trail chastity cuckold stories

Cuckolding in a femdom relationship

In the realm of relationships, dynamics can take various forms, defying conventional norms and expectations. In this narrative, we explore the chastity cuckold stories of Mistress Kym, a dominant woman who navigates the complexities of a relationship with multiple men, challenging traditional paradigms.

She is a woman of strength and confidence. Her allure lies not only in her physical beauty but in the undeniable charisma that radiates from her commanding presence. Mistress Kym, authentically dominant, embraces a lifestyle that transcends societal norms, finding fulfillment in relationships that are unconventional yet deeply meaningful.

In her world, the concept of monogamy takes a back seat as she cultivates connections with multiple bulls, each relationship unique but not deep. These men are not subservient; instead, they willingly engage in a dynamic where her dominance is a source of empowerment for all involved. Communication, consent, and mutual respect form the pillars of these connections.

A Mistress’ dominance extends beyond the physical realm; it is rooted in emotional intelligence and an understanding of her submissive and bulls’ needs. Each man brings something distinctive to her life, contributing to a rich tapestry of experiences. Many chastity cuckold stories come out from there.

Far from conforming to stereotypes, Mistress Kym’s challenges preconceived notions of power dynamics in relationships. Her partners are not emasculated; instead, they find strength in vulnerability, secure in the knowledge that their individuality is not compromised within the context of their connection with her.


All in all, chastity cuckold stories are a dream for many people, dominant and submissive individual. Arousing and passionate stories, involving emotions and fetishes.