Clean my asshole properly

Why ass licking is so pleasant? Well, the asshole is considered one of the most erogenous zones and it is very sensitive. My sub is allowed to lick my ass only now and then and, in those moments, I love to ignore him…

Ass licking is one of the favourite fetish my sub has.

Let’s be clear, being a Domina in a 24/7 female led relationship is not an easy job. Of course, I like when my sub put his tongue on my vagina, but he is also tremendously enjoying it. When I allow him to do so it, it’s because of a reward he deserves or because I am making a gift to him. Normally he only gets my smelly and dirty feet in his mouth.

But here you see a good surrogate of the above practice… I ordered him to ONLY clean my asshole. He knows that if he gets even close to my vagina without my permission he gets punished, and punished veeery hard!

This practice gives me pleasure, gets my asshole clean and at the same time he gets humiliated and doesn’t get what he really wants!