Are you familiar with orgasms and chastity? If this is something relatively new for you, read my post about it.

I would say that everyone loves orgasms, sexual pleasure and aims to get excited. But apparently this is not always the case.

There are some people who love orgasm because it is an explosion of pleasure. To use a metaphor, it is like the pressure into a bottle: when you open it, the cork pops out and the sparkling champagne comes out without control!

There is another part of people who love being aroused and love orgasms. This feeling is so strong, that they accept to be locked up in a chastity device. While in chastity, they get aroused, they patiently wait until the mistress (or partner) releases them and allows them to have their orgasms. It is a very popular iter, well known in the BDSM and femdom scenes.

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There are other people who actually hate orgasm. They hate getting excited and they use a chastity device to basically stop being aroused. When locked up, they don’t even feel it anymore. There are several reasons to explain why this happens, sometimes it is about very personal and sad facts (abuse, etc.). At a certain stage, some of those people feel out of control of their own bodies, and the device gives them back control again. They feel safe in there, it is like safe heaven.


But why do men accept to be locked in a chastity device?

First of all, if you want to know more about how to control your man’s orgasm, read this post.

Secondly, there are several reasons why men accept chastity, but I will mention only a few of them. You may agree with just one, or all of them, depending on your situation and personality.

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A man accepts to be locked in a chastity device because he totally commits to his partner. He gives her the opportunity to make decisions about his sexual pleasure, and about all the rest. This gives him a stress release feeling, which is positive for all human beings. Psychologically, it is a huge benefit.


A man in chastity has given away all his power to his partner. She is the one who is responsible and calibrates his orgasms. She decides if he will be locked up or released and if his orgasms will be great, denied or ruined. It is quite arousing to have no control at all, and fear that you may not have an orgasm ever again.


When you are deprived of your sexual freedom (and not only that one), you desire it even more. You want it more than anything else. A man in chastity will dream about having an orgasm, an intense one. The desire will increase and increase day by day, till the moment the mistress releases his cock from the device. At that stage, the pleasure will be elevated at the finest.


Men, more than women, are highly driven by sex. They are more “material” and less emotional than women. This means that, when they feel excited, they possibly masturbate and get their orgasms without thinking too much about it. it is instinctive. With the chastity on, this is impossible. Slowly, they will develop stronger willpower which stops them to have instinctive masturbation even when they are not in chastity.

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A locked-up man will feel very frustrated initially. He wants to have pleasure, but this is not possible. Frustration will transform itself into anger. But he has to keep those feelings inside. The problem is: how do you manage bad emotions? Just transform them in something positive. Men will see their keyholders as goddesses, as superior beings who control their sexuality. They have the key to pleasure. As a result, goddesses will be treated better, men will start to serve them and the intimacy between the two will grow stronger and will go deeper.

No responsibility

A man in chastity has no responsibility for the sexual life within the couple. He surrendered and gave all the power and control to his partner. Whatever happens, it will be the woman’s responsibility.