In every Female Led Relationship, needless to say, women are in control. I already talked about that in several other posts, including the one called 10 Characteristics an Experienced Femdom should have.

But, the thing is: what’s the best way for a woman to be in control inside her FLR?

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Example of women in control

Let’s take a practical example, as theory is not always helping out.

The best way to do that really quickly is to make sure that your submissive can’t touch his dick unless you say so. So, this is going to stay the same for extended periods of denial. Your sub will get used to it, and in future, he will beg you and will ask you to lock him and keep him in chastity.


Earning denial

Submissives need to earn permission to any kind of denial from your side. They have to obey and request everything politely. And will do whatever to earn denial.

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If submissive want their women to be in control and, for example, keep the chastity key again and again, then they have to work hard on that. If you are a great sub, ask yourself: “don’t you remember all of those things that you were doing for your girl? All of those little chores and nice gestures that you were doing to get her attention? You might find out that you did those things to earn your orgasm denial, to earn the privilege of your girl prohibiting your orgasms, or to see her restricting you continuously and by the size of your dick.

Right now, I guess something is growing for you, and I feel I can tell that you like the idea of a woman being in control. That’s exactly why this works so well.


Helping your woman to help you make it sexual

I know how emotional men can be. I know that they tend to fall off the wagon when they get perhaps a little bit upset, or when they get in a bad mood. When they are frustrated or stressed or angry, they fall off the wagon. Men get selfish and forget about their longterm desires, and their willpower. Needless to say that men in that condition don’t remember what they really want out of life, out of love, out of sex, they feel out of place and furiously look for porn.

Man, I don’t want that the first thing you do is to load up porn on your computer. I want that the first thing you do is to send a text to your girlfriend. A sexy text like “I’m horny right now”, “I’m frustrated right now”, or “I’m angry and I’m gonna jerk my fucking brains out if I don’t get some kind of relief”. Help her to help you make it sexual for her and for you.

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Your sex life

Perhaps, set up a little kinky date or so later on in the evening, something you know that you don’t look forward to, something you know that you will be punished for if you don’t show up for it. If you’ve already jerked out that seed to some online porn, then you have a problem because that should not be your sex life. Fucking your girlfriend, even when she calls you “a loser”, should be your sex life. Holding your girlfriend’s looks up but she gets railed by a superior man, should be your sex life. Bending your girlfriend over a meeting. I feel like the most beautiful, special, sexy woman in the world, like sticking your time deep into us should be your sex life.

I mean, you don’t want a wanking life. Do you? Now, we know that you want a sex life and you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend who will tolerate all of this from you. So you need to make the most of it. Anytime you get angry and you feel like you’re going to do a selfish little wack, you’re going to text your girlfriend and schedule some sex instead. Schedule something that you know is going to blow off that steam that evening, and you can touch yourself just a little bit to the thought of that. You can use your fucking imagination for once. You can build up some pleasure so that when you do straight into that bedroom of an evening, you’re rock solid for her and she can really help you ease out all of that stress.