Those soles are for you

I sitting here comfortably, ready for soles worship. I want to feel your tongue passing between my toes, under my soles, everywhere around my feet. This is for the ones with a soles’ fetish.

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And here is a gift for all my members who love soles worship… enjoy my cleaned and perfect soles in front of the camera. Just for you and for no one else.

In the meantime, my sub is there on the corner, suffering by watching me sharing those beautiful feet with you. He doesn’t have the exclusivity, not for today at least.

I know you would love to put your tongue and face on them. You have something inside you that tells you this. You don’t know why but you feel tremendously attracted by my perfect feet and soles. I know why…

…because you are an inferior male and the only thing you know you deserve is the very bottom part of her. The one that touches the dirty floor every day.

You are lucky that this time you get my perfect bare feet instead of my dirty shoes’ soles, you should be thankful for that!