The color of passion

When you enter a bdsm dungeon for the first time, you feel ecstatic. You “breathe” excitement, everything around leads you to BDSM. It’s like to be in a sexual amusement park.  

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I was unsure, I didn’t want to rush things. But finally, I decided that it was the right time to go to a bdsm dungeon and have some fun. There, things are much different than at home, you find all those tools that you usually do not own. Everything around make you feel like having a real session with your domme/submissive. That happened to me, too.

The first few times I brought my submissive into the bdsm dungeon, it was weird. He was a bit shocked and didn’t know what to expect. I could understand it from his eyes. Therefore I reassured him saying that everything would have been great, and he would have liked this new experience. “Breathe, relax, and let go. Things will happen naturally, you will see!”, I told him.

There was a magical, almost surreal atmosphere. It was like to be in the land of toys for femdom and for BDSM lovers. I felt like I was in the right place, like at home.

Finally, I was ready for this but realized again that it was a step to be taken slowly, with rationality. I didn’t want to scare my submissive, but I wanted him to feel comfortable. We explored the dungeon together and put us at our ease. Afterward, I changed my clothes wearing a more suitable outfit, and I went towards the bed. He undressed. We were both ready.

I immediately switched and went deeper into my femdom spiral, and I brought him with me, slowly. Initially without using any bdsm object, but dominating him and making it clear that I was in control. He understood and silently accepted.

In the dungeon I discovered many new BDSM tools to use during my sessions, and I was so glad about it.