Teased and denied for hours

There are some days when my sub is teased and denied by me. Why? Because I need to test his perseverance and determination. If he resists without complaining, it means that he really is into submission. If not, he needs to work on that…

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When I work at my desk I always order my slave to stand next to me, kneeling on the floor. He is there, silent, respectfully waiting for a sign from me. That way I have him completely under my control, I can see what he does or doesn’t do, how he stands in this situation, and I read what he feels in his eyes.

Sometimes I use it as a human piece of furniture, for example it becomes a small table where I can put my feet.

Since very often he’s locked up in chastity, just as often I enjoy playing and teasing his caged big cock, eager to explode in orgasm. He is dark red, veined, throbbing with repressed pleasure, his tip is slightly wet with what little sperm he managed to “escape”.

When I understand that we have reached the moment of absolute climax, I remove the chastity cage and order him to masturbate.

“Lie down here, little bitch,” I tell him. He obeys.

With his sweaty hand she starts masturbating, up and down, slowly but forcefully. Slowly his big cock is even harder, erect, ready to cum.

My shoes and feet are all over him, he’s very horny but he knows he can’t orgasm until I say so. I’m not going to countdown this time.

I keep teasing him for hours until he begs me to let him come. He feels teased and ignored for hours, and that was my initial aim.