Locked up in chastity and in his role

I really care about my submissive and I want him to feel good in his role, even when he is “just” a locked up slave. He is still a human being with feelings, and I respect him.

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Every submissive who is running for femdom male in chastity needs a good training. And mine needs it too.
He needs to understand that in our femdom relationship I am the one with power and he is the one under my control.

I am his world and he has to be convinced that he doesn’t want to lose me.

One of the best ways to train a submissive is by locking him up and control his pleasure. This action is very powerful. To be a locked up slave in chastity means to surrender the ultimate pleasure to the will of the mistress.
Exciting, isn’t it?
Sure, and both in the relationship are deeply involved in it.

I am still working on his transformation into a femdom male in chastity, this is an ongoing process. His orgasms are under my control, he can get pleasure only if he deserves it and if I want him to.

Did he clean the house? Did he obey? Or, did whatever he did satisfy your expectations?
If the answer is positive then yes, he deserves a little pleasure as a reward.

In addition to that, I know that by keeping the chastity key on my ankle is further humiliating him and for that reason, I love to keep it there and show it to him now and then. Being a keyholder is another sign of power and enforces your role in the couple.

Train your locked up slave to behave properly, correctly, with respect towards you, and showing his devotion to you. When this happens, then you should be proud of your work on him.