Leashed submissive patiently waiting for his mistress

I am a young mistress, and I still want to fully enjoy my life. I want to go out in the evening, to experience other thousands of things. Also, I want to meet new people without worrying too much about anything.

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Every young Mistress has a lot to learn. Or rather, every Mistress always has to learn. By this I mean not only studying, but also exploring herself, understanding her needs, deciphering her emotions.
We know that when you are at home, you have complete control over your submissive. About what he does, how he does it, where he goes and more.

But if you’re not at home, what’s the best way to make sure your submissive doesn’t do anything without your permission while you’re out and you can’t control him?
Well, the answer is easy!
You have to stop him from having any kind of pleasure, and let him focus on something else, even on himself.

What to do then?

You lock him in a safe and secure chastity cage. To make it even more difficult, you can tie it to something stable so it can’t move. This is what I usually do. I lock my submissive and chain him to the radiator.
He is completely naked but wearing his mask and gag, his senses are partially deprived.
In this way, he has no chance to get distracted, but he has to concentrate on thinking about me, his Mistress.

The role of the submissive is not easy, he must have an advanced human sensitivity, to understand the other person and be able to foresee them, to satisfy them, to understand how to behave to bring them pleasure.

In the meantime, I get dressed, put on my makeup and get everything ready for my night out.
During my preparations, I occasionally tease him, throw at him my used socks, or my shoes, still dirty shoes. Or I tease him with whatever I have on hand so he can entertain himself and get aroused without a chance to feel pleasure.

It’s about discipline, it’s about humiliation, it’s good training. I do this for his sake, for his development and to improve him as a femdom submissive.

The only thing he can do is wait quickly for his young mistress, wait patiently for her, to see if he will receive a reward for her good behavior.