Just an ashtray underneath my socks

Sitting on the bed, I show you my sexy feet wearing femdom socks, the ones I use when I work out. In the meantime, I sensually smoke to release the tension accumulated during the day…

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Sometimes there comes that moment when I want a cigarette, I have that desire to smoke one to relax, to take a moment for myself.
At that point, I just snap my fingers and my submissive presents himself in front of me, ready to obey.

I order him to bring me cigarettes and a lighter, he runs, takes them from the drawer, and brings them to me, handing them to me with delicacy and respect.

He is there, looking at me enjoying the moment.
To increase his arousal, I take off my femdom socks and show him my sexy bare feet. I see that he would like to smell them, lick them, savor the taste of each toe.
He is going crazy and seems to beg me to let him lick them.

I feel cruel and get excited when I deny his desperate request by telling him “you are just an ashtray, nothing more”.