Bir sonraki seansım için araçları hazırlıyorum

Preparing BDSM instruments for my session and afterward I will be ready to start. I already have the script in my mind, I will enjoy it.

Benim Dünyama Girin galerinin tamamını görmek için

Bazen istediğim seansı önceden hayal ediyorum. Sonuç o anda nasıl hissettiğime bağlı oluyor.
As soon as I see my dreamy session, I prepare all my BDSM instruments: gag, collar, strapon, chastity belt, … and I look forward to see my sub’s expression when entering the room.

Imagination does not ruin the session, on the contrary, it allows you to make it perfect and correct what is not good or does not bring pleasure.

My submissive lets himself be guided blindly by me, by my requests, by my practices and silently enjoys the moment. It’s not just pain, but it’s not just pleasure either. Alternating the two give life to an unforgettable session.