Promenera i naturen i en kort svart klänning

Mistress walking in the woods and wearing a short and sexy black dress. All her shapes are well in evidence and she looks great.

Kom in i min värld för att se hela galleriet

Jag lämnade min ubåt inte alltför långt härifrån, så att jag kan njuta av min tid i detta sagolandskap men ändå hålla ett öga på honom.

I told him “Patiently wait for me”, and he will.

I love being in nature. It gives me a tranquility and peace of mind that I sometimes need.
The green of the plants, the scent of the forest, the chirping of birds, all of this relaxes me.

Naturally, I never leave the house dressed in an easy and comfy way. Even to go to the woods I wear one of my sexiest dresses. A tight, short cocktail dress that highlights my perfect body.

Mistress walking in the woods like a queen.