Under my control with collar and leash

Submissive collar and leash, like a dog or any leashed animal. I own him, he is totally under my control as an object.

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As for dogs, collar and leash indicate a “property of” and it is a tool mainly used to guide and control your pet.

In a FLR this has the same scope and meaning: I own my sub, he respectfully follows me and does what I tell him to do.

Control is a very strong practice, not easy to apply or to undergo.

A good Mistress, she is able to have 100% control over her things, but also over those of her submissive. She doesn’t miss a thing about her, and she has to make sure that the submissive has complete trust in her.

A man with a submissive collar and leash is more easily controlled. He feels humiliated, he feels inferior, he feels without the ability to take his life in hand. The only thing he feels is that someone has to take care of him.

The Mistress also has this role, but not only.