It is also about love…

Femdom love is a must in the couple, as it is part of a healthy relationship. Without love, a femdom couple doesn’t exist.

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My life became a consensual non-consent 24/7 FLR. My sub does unconditionally everything I ask him, else, he gets a punishment.
I can be sweet but cruel, too. It sounds heartless and unfair, but in fact this is love.
A different type of love, but it is still love.

A true Mistress has a big heart, full of love to give to her submissive. The form in which love is given is at the discretion of the Mistress herself.

In my femdom relationship, there is a lot of love. There is affection, caresses, kisses, hugs, there is personal care towards my submissive especially after a severe session.

It is important that the submissive perceives the femdom love, in this way he is convinced that with his Mistress he is safe, that he is protected and that he can totally surrender to her will.