This is what I love about domestic life

Femdom domestic servitude is part of the 24/7 lifestyle chosen by Mistress and her submissive. It can be very exciting and can create connections.

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Like the majority of women, I really enjoy dressing up, drinking good wine, relaxing, petting my cat, taking a scented bath and much more.
I can enjoy all of that as, in the meantime, my sub will take care about the housework and other boring activities for me.

Oh yes, because those jobs have to be done if I want to live in a nice, clean and tidy house.
Since I don’t have time to occupy myself, I have assigned this responsibility to my submissive who carries out every order with passion and dedication.

He has become very good, especially at tidying up my shoe, lingerie and hosiery closets.
In the meantime, I think about myself, my pleasure and enjoying my free time.

I am very creative, I dress sexy and tease my submissive while he practice femdom domestic servitude, to test his endurance. Slowly he is becoming strong and resistant, I trained him very well.