Soaking my feet into water

Mistress dirty feet washing before going to sleep, or just for her pleasure. The important thing is that they are washed in scented water. Lovely.

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It is the dirtiest part of the body, it is always in contact with the ground, but nevertheless it is one of the most loved, adored and worshiped.

Even in my femdom relationship this is everyday life.

The scent released by your feet after a workout, or after hours of shopping is delightful.

My sub loves it and can’t help it. I see that, every time I take off my shoes, her gaze lights up with an excited light and eager to taste so much goodness.

It depends on how I feel: sometimes I allow it, other times I order him to observe the Mistress dirty feet washing without the possibility of saying or doing anything.

What torture it must be, but it doesn’t matter…that’s part of femdom too.

Anyway, what a wonderful feeling to soak my feet in a heated pool or under a hot shower. It’s like to have a warm tongue licking them…

I am glad I trained my sub to worship me feet every time I desire it.