My slave serving me during my holiday

Submissive training is a never ending process. It never stops, not even when on holidays. I keep training him so he can become a great sub.

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FLR is a 24/7 lifestyle, there are no exceptions, not even during holidays. This is why I daily train my sub to be obedient, respectful and willing to belittle himself only because I am requesting it.
If he behaves well, I will reward him. If not, I will find the right punishment. It’s about discipline, and I get so much pleasure from that!

This lifestyle is for life, as long as it is consensual. No breaks, no breaks. It’s like breathing, I can’t help it.

Foot worship practices, femdom services and much more find space even when I’m on vacation. Omitting them, my submissive would find himself lost and would no longer know how to react.

Therefore, submissive training should be a routine, something that a Mistress does without hassle.