Bare feet in daily life

Barefoot femdom daily life among thousands of activities. Feet are there to arouse my sub, to be worshiped and desired like hell.

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Everything I do at home, I do it bare feet. It’s convenient, it’s comfortable and, afterwards, I have a sub who will perfectly clean my feet with his tongue.
What else do you want out of life?

Even if you clean the floors every day, they get dirty. And, walking barefoot, my soles get dirty too.

I feel the crumbs crunch under my heels, and this stimulates a sense of excitement in me.
Crushing things excites me, I feel powerful, dominant, like an Amazon.

My submissive looks forward to this moment every day. It’s his moment: he has to clean my soles, with his hands, with his tongue, with his clothes. In short, in the end it is the result that counts.

The soles must be clean, soft, perfumed, ready to take another step on that floor.

A barefoot femdom at home is a dream for her submissive…and his feet fetish.