Of course, the list of these selected Female Led Relationship Blogs is based on my personal preference.

I have to admit that, in the past but also now, I like to go through female led relationship blogs.
What do I look for? Well, there are plenty of info and news on the web, it’s just about selecting the ones in line with your researches. Usually, I look for:

  • new femdom practices, tactics and experiences
  • other mistresses with similar lifestyle or other than mine
  • compare myself with others, to enrich and spice up my Female Led Relationship
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I avidly navigate the blogosphere, constantly collecting valuable information.

Female led relationship blogs serve as my digital compass, guiding me through diverse insights, practical tips, and real-life anecdotes.

The personalized narratives resonate with my femdom experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of various subjects. The diverse range of niche blogs ensures I stay informed about my specific interests, enriching my knowledge base.

Engaging with this dynamic content not only offers solutions to challenges but also sparks thought-provoking and arousing discussions.

Through blogs, I find a sense of community, connecting with like-minded individuals and broadening my perspectives, making this digital exploration an enriching and rewarding journey.


Why Female Led Relationship Blogs became so popular

Female Led Relationship blogs have emerged as trusted sources of information, capturing readers’ confidence through their personalized and authentic narratives.

One key factor contributing to this trust is the relatable nature of bloggers (Mistresses, Dommes, women living that lifestyle, etc.) who often share personal experiences, fostering a sense of connection and understanding. Readers appreciate the genuine, unfiltered perspectives that blogs offer, creating a more intimate and trustworthy space compared to traditional media.

Moreover, the diverse range of niche blogs allows people to find tailored content that aligns with their specific interests (in this case, female led relationships), needs, or challenges. No matter what, blogs cater to niche audiences, establishing authority and credibility within their FLR fields.

The positive outcomes of trusting female led relationship blogs are multifaceted. Readers often discover valuable insights, practical tips, and real-life solutions through the experiences shared by bloggers.

This democratization of information empowers individuals to make informed decisions, enhances their knowledge base, and fosters a sense of community.

In essence, the trust both Mistresses and subs place in female led relationship blogs results in a symbiotic relationship, where bloggers and readers benefit from a dynamic exchange of ideas, expertise, and shared experiences.

Criteria to define good Female Led Relationship blogs

There are a few criteria to define when a blog is worth your attention, or not. Personally I am very selective, and I always check an array of same websites. Every now and then I enlarge my researched, often I discover some interesting and valuable website, which will be added to my “favorite list”.

These are the criteria I use to identify a great blog:

The authenticity

It is important that the writer knows what he/she is writing about. If you are an authority in your field, it automatically comes up in your articles and posts. You don’t need to write thousands of words or blabla to express a concept, but you go straight to the point, in a clear and involving way. That’s something I really like and respect when searching for info on the web.

The content

The content must be varied, differentiated, but always on the subject with the blog itself. A good blog offers a varied style of information and can range from erotic novels, FLR or BDSM guidelines, various pieces of advice, scientific or psychological articles, daily life excerpts, etc.
Also in this case, the article must be well structured, to the point, and it should transmit some emotion or awakens the reader’s feelings.

The structure

A good blog is structured in a way that the reader can easily find the information he/she is looking for. The layout is clean, easy to follow, and the topics are clearly mentioned at the beginning. It’s very important to implement a “search bar” so that anyone can find anything by typing a word there without scrolling pages of posts without success.

The eye wants its part…

This is very personal. I really like those blogs with light or dark minimal layout, without advertisements or those blinking texts in thousands of flashing colors. Those are all distractions. As I mentioned before, a clean blog is much better and easy to read.


5 Best Female Led Relationship blogs (for Mistress Kym)

This is the list of my favorite FLR blogs. According to my point of view, each one of them reflects my criteria.

Femdom Resource

What I like the most of this blog, is the section called “BDSM Equipment”, where you can find hundreds of links to forums, directory sites, blogs and pro-domme wish lists. In addition to that, I also like the section “Useful Links”, which lists many links divided into directories, forums, guides, and much more. All related to femdom, BDSM and in line with these lifestyles.

Source: Femdom Resources



This website is more colored and talks about several topics. You can find posts about femdom lifestyle, tips, fictions, and much more. An interesting thing to know, is that you can directly submit your own article through the website. You submit it and, if they like it, it will be published!

Source: Femdoming


My Femdom Rules

You can find a lot of information and guidelines about femdom, FLR, BDSM, cuckolding, etc. Posts are well written and the layout is nice and clean, as I like it. Here you can also find links to shops selling toys or books. Not bad!

Source: My Femdom Rules


Loving FLR

I love how much they care about women’s well being, happiness, satisfaction, power, etc. both inside and outside a relationship. Men will find here everything they need to know to love a powerful woman.

Source: Loving FLR


Mistress Kym blog

This is my own blog and, according to my criteria, it’s growing well and to the point. It’s a collection of femdom, BDSM and FLR guidelines, stories, real-life experiences written for both Mistress and submissives. It’s interesting to read the two different point of view in order to understand the relationship, and your partner.

Female Led Relationship blogs
Source: Mistress Kym


Well, this is it. I will update this list as soon as I find other great Female Led Relationship blogs. In the meantime, I wish you all a nice reading time and be curious of this wonderful world of Femdom.

You will fall in love with it.