A good friend of mine, who is a Domme too, had a chastity slave and told me a lot about her experience. She is not professional Mistress and she doesn’t have social media, website, etc. As per her request, I will respect her privacy and I will not mention her name.

I personally experienced long chastity periods with my chastity slave. You will find many videos about chastity, orgasm control, orgasm denial or ruined orgasms in my Femdom Wolrd. Join and enjoy them!

Further than that, I offer a 2-week orgasm control option in my shop,也是如此。

From a chastity slave point of view, a 1-year experience locked up without the possibility to express his sexuality and without being able to reach an orgasm, is quite hard.

Hereby, you can read a real story of a real chastity slave who experimented a 1-year chastity period.



One year after she locked him into that silver chastity cage, she has decided to finally unlock his cock. While she was doing that, she started to mention to her slave all the good things that happened during that time, and how lucky he has been to have that special treatment.

She also asked him his thoughts about that, even if she knew that he loved it.

Deprivation of senses, makes unsettling emotions of isolation and vulnerability come up. Stripped of stimuli, one grapples with a profound loss, feeling adrift in a silent, darkened realm.

The absence of orgasms intensifies the yearning for connection, leaving an indelible imprint of discomfort and unease.



She bought a little chastity belt, the smallest she could find. Her slave dick is quite big, but with some effort, it could fit in it.

How exciting that was? She said that for both, the idea to lock a big cock in a small cage, was already very arousing.

Meanwhile, while he was locked in that small thing, he also had to take care of all the boring and repetitive jobs: cleaning the house and leaving it spotless, and anything else his Domme asked him to do.

Of course, even if you are locked up and you are a 100% chastity slave, your life goes on. Morning, daily and evening routines take place as usual.

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My friend’s slave respected all the rules and has been very obedient during the entire period. He knows his place and feels great there. He is a chastity slave who is totally in the right role: he understands his Domme, and smartly anticipates her.

You can read more about 如何成为一个好的顺从者 在这个帖子中。她为他感到非常自豪,因此,一年后,她决定奖励他。

Dynamics of discipline, reward and punishment are the basis if you, the Domme, want to transform your sub in your perfect chastity slave.

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He has been a chastity slave for a long period, an entire year. And now, now that he is used to it, he deserves a little bit of freedom because his Domme decided so.

她开始了这个仪式,拿出了她在这段时间里一直放在脚链上的钥匙。之后,她把他的贞操带解开。想象一下,当他听到她说 "好了,我要给你开锁了 "时,他的感觉、反应和感激之情。你现在可以自由了"。


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After one year, he can touch his dick and gets aroused just by hearing his Domme’s voice. It is hard and long, and the slave knows he doesn’t have much time to get his pleasure. To make it even more intense, my friend started a little countdown, from 10 to 1.

She wants him to keep sharpening his dick and thinking really hard that he wants to come so bad cause it’s been so long. All right. She knows he can do it.



“So, dear slave, I’m going to start counting with ten, nine, eight, seven, six… And while I stopped at six, I want you to think about all the things you’ve been doing for me. I remember you feeling that everything was great.

In fact, you are really helpful to me. So I might keep you for another year with me. We’ll see…

Five, four, three… stop! Take your hand off your dick. I want you to grab your balls energetically, as hard as you can and slap them over and over and over and over until they hurt so badly.

Cause, guess what? I’m putting that little chastity belt right back on you, where it belongs. You are wondering why I am doing that, right?

Well, because that’s all you are to me, you are just my slave. I’m your Domme and you don’t deserve to be pleasured. So I’m gonna take this key and lock you right back. And you’ll never find the key.


Deprivation and it’s outcome

Sensory deprivation, particularly within the context of a relationship where a man willingly submits to his Mistress’ control, introduces a unique dynamic of trust, vulnerability, and heightened intimacy.

The deliberate restriction or manipulation of sensory input can create an environment where the individual’s reliance on their dominant partner intensifies. In this controlled sensory space, a man willingly surrenders to a state of dependence, fostering a profound connection with his Mistress.

There are different types of deprivation, to further humiliate a chastity slave.

Visual deprivation, achieved through blindfolding, denies the man access to the usual visual cues, intensifying his reliance on other senses. This can amplify sensations, making the touch, sound, and even scent more pronounced and evocative.

As he surrenders control over what he sees, a deeper level of trust develops, reinforcing the power dynamics within the relationship.

Auditory deprivation, often achieved through the use of noise-canceling headphones or other means, further heightens the focus on physical sensations. The dominance of his wife’s voice becomes a guiding force, leading him through a sensory journey.

This deliberate restriction emphasizes the power imbalance and the husband’s willingness to submit, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Tactile deprivation, perhaps through restraints or controlled touch, amplifies the significance of physical contact when it occurs. Every touch, caress, or restraint takes on added importance, as the husband is denied the freedom to initiate or guide these interactions.

This deliberate restriction of touch reinforces the notion of surrender and reliance on his wife’s control.

Sensory deprivation can be a powerful tool for enhancing intimacy and trust, but it requires a deep understanding of each other’s boundaries, desires, and the establishment of a safe, consensual space for exploration.

In this context, sensory deprivation becomes a unique avenue for strengthening the bonds of trust and intimacy between partners who willingly engage in such experiences.