Your life is down below my feet

Goddess feet worship is something that every foot fetishist aims to do, but it is also part of a submissive lifestyle. Feet are one of the dirtiest parts of our body because they are close to the ground…

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I am so grateful to have this wonderful wand massager. Maximum speed, my favorite pattern, oh it’s so exciting… I can get as many orgasms as I desire.

And you, sub, stay there on the floor, on your knees. This painful position is the only one you are allowed to have.

How do you feel about being ignored and replaced by a tool? Your disk is totally useless, I don’t have any attraction for it anymore.

It’s humiliating, right? Lick my feet, more and more… do your Goddess feet worship until I reach my orgasm. I am almost there, don’t stop!

Oh my goodness, that was one of the longest and most intense orgasms of this last weeks…