Stockings and Socks worship – Best Moments (POV with Music)

Femdom worship videos include also scenes about submissives adoring their mistresses’ socks, mistress stockings, nylon, fishnet, and thigh.

Watch the video directly from Xhamster:

I always take good care of my feet, they are one of my favorite body parts. In other words, I take good care of them above all when I feel cold I sensually wrap them into comfortable and scented socks. Practically, I love to feel the fabric, I love its contact on my skin. Don’t you have the same feeling?

For instance, as a femdom, I trained my submissive to duly worship me in different ways. He knows what I expect from him. Therefore, he is aware of what I like and what I don’t like.

In other words, in my femdom worship videos, I want to show my 24/7 authentic lifestyle and the interaction with my sub.
He touches my socks, and he massages my wrapped feet with passion. I see him getting aroused by every little action or any kind of contact he has with me.

He may be kneeling or lying on the floor, or standing, or sitting in front of me. Certainly, he may possibly be in an uncomfortable position, but he still obeys without complaining because he knows that he is there to worship my socks, to smell them and lick them.

I wear socks with sneakers or at home. They are comfy and easygoing. On the contrary, if I want to be sexy, I usually flaunt my mistress stockings, fishnet, or nylon. I love to wear them in black, but I also like the white and red ones.
Socks absorb anything from my feet, they keep it like an arousing and precious essence. My sub is the lucky one who can taste it and enjoy it.

I am sure that many of you have this fetish, too… isn’t it?
Aren’t you willing to taste my sweaty and smelly socks? I bet you are!