Chastity torment

With the senses deprived and his arms restraint, my submissive his ready for chastity teasing. I arouses him passing my high heels on his masked face, it must be hard for him… but I am sure he will pass the test.

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With the chastity cage on and a gag in the mouth, my sub can watch me teasing him. The chastity key is there, on my ankle, and he sees it. The only things he can feel are my red soles kicking his gagged mouth. How much is he desiring to lick my body? I don’t care, he has to be patient.

This relationship (FLR) is about power exchange, pleasure, punishment, servitude, and much more. Without gag, my sub can enjoy licking my feet and ankles, and also my butt. But he is aware that at a certain point he will have to suffer just because I feel like doing it. I am waiting to kick his caged cock and put my sharp high heels on his chest and belly…