A present with a reward

A femdom collar is one of the tools that give a bdsm touch to the relationship. It means ownership which, at the end, is what I have as the final goal. So, when a submissive wears a collar, he is aware that he belongs to his mistress.

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After an initial vanilla-style relationship, I decided to switch it into something more involving, strong, and deep. One of my strongest desires was to have a femdom relationship, and I really wanted to follow. I slowly modified my attitude into a more dominant one. My way to make love became a bit more aggressive, and I started to get more and more control over my partner.

I didn’t want to scare my submissive, so I went on very gently. Therefore, step by step, I dragged him into my femdom spiral. I read many blogs, books, and comments on specialized social media (e.g. Fetlife), I really wanted to find the right way to dig into bdsm and femdom. As a consequence, it took me some time to be ready to face my new lifestyle.

Today it was a great day for me and my submissive. Why? Because today I added an extra piece to the relationship, I did another step further to turn it into a real femdom relationship.

This morning I got up, I went to the letterbox and, finally, I found that object ordered a few weeks ago! It was an item that I had ordered online a few times ago and I was looking forward to receiving it. Are you curious about the content? Well, then I don’t keep you waiting. It was a femdom collar, with a leash, for my submissive.

I gave my submissive a couple of minutes to get up, I asked him to undress and I put the new femdom collar around his neck. It was such a strong, exciting emotion.

In conclusion, to go even deeper, I gave the order to lick my feet while being on a leash. Certainly, I love this relationship!