Maske ve diğer araçlarla duyusal yoksunluk

Depersonalisation with a BDSM mask is something that I am experiencing with my submissive. I treat him like an object, in a cold way.

Benim Dünyama Girin galerinin tamamını görmek için

I take care about my sub, and I want him to have a great experience.

He wears a mask, he partially sees or hears what’s happening around him. He is totally depersonalized.

With sensory deprivation, he is more focused on other deeper emotions and he will be extremely aroused…

This practice is very powerful, strong and difficult to digest initially.

A submissive novice will feel a very strong humiliation and an equally strong need for a personal car afterwards.

A good Mistress makes her slave understand that what she does, she does it for her own good. There’s nothing wicked or bad about it, but it’s practices that make him a better slave. They make him grow and allow him to become stronger in his role.

Depersonalisation is one of the practices that apply to a well-tested relationship. It’s always good to talk about it, communicate any doubts and let yourself go to the femdom growth experience.