Chastity'nin anahtarları, ayakkabıları ve seksi bilekleri

Chastity keyholder wearing sexy high heels, showing around the key hanging on her anklet, bracelet or necklace. Anywhere visible from her sub.

Benim Dünyama Girin galerinin tamamını görmek için

I am the chastity keyholder, the one who decides when and how my sub will have his next orgasm. I am in control of his body and his mind.

How strongly my humiliated sub desires to be released from the chastity cage and achieve an immense orgasm? Not enough…

Orgasm control is a very powerful and impactful practice.

A sub wearing the chastity cage is deprived of her sexuality. A primary, gratuitous need is no longer under his control. But there is another person, his Mistress, who also has power over her sexuality.