Let’s find out how to control orgasm in a FLR.

It’s easy for a slave to hide behind the bars of the cage that holds his penis. After all, while he wears it, there’s no chance to get hard, and no chance to orgasm.

But there’s so much more to male chastity that happens once the cage comes off, and it’s no fun for a Mistress when the slave cums seconds after she unlocks him.

That’s why it’s crucial for every Mistress to teach her slave how to control orgasm. Whether the cage is on or off, he doesn’t get his sweet release until Mistress says so…

What is Orgasm Control?

Bu idea of controlling your orgasms dates back centuries, with many cultures practicing coitus reservatus or semen retention. Often this was done for spiritual reasons – the loss of semen meant a loss of life-force.

Semen retention is only part of the story though. While there may be times where not ejaculating is the desired outcome, in a modern context orgasm control is usually more focused on the physical orgasm, as well as the pleasure that comes with it. And we don’t want our slaves enjoying themselves too much, do we!

Usually modern control will fall into one of three categories about how to control orgasm:

  • Edging
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Forced Orgasm


The practice of edging is a simple one. Rather than pleasuring someone until they reach orgasm, you bring them right to the edge (as close as you can get without them reaching climax), then stop all stimulation.

I’m sure you can all remember a time when you’ve almost came, only to have it disappear at the last second. Imagine that frustration being given to you on a regular basis, completely out of your control.

Orgasm Denial

While edging will allow you some level of stimulation, orgasm denial usually takes the opposite route. Rather than stopping the stimulation early, you just simply don’t let them cum at all!

Denial can often be combined with edging to create an even more frustrating scenario where the sub feels close, but never actually gets the release they desire.

Forced Orgasm

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have forced orgasm. Instead of preventing the sub from climaxing, you force them to. This is often done in a way that provides so much stimulation that can completely overwhelm them and leave them begging you to stop.

Forced orgasm is particularly effective on female subs as they can have multiple orgasms. You can bring them to climax over and over until they physically can’t take any more.

how to control orgasm

The Importance of Control in Male Chastity

I’ve already alluded to the fact that a cage basically provides a form of orgasm control to a slave, but simply relying on denying access can be a crutch for both Mistress and slave. Instead, we’d like the slave to learn how to control orgasm even when the cage is taken off so we can have even more fun with him.

  • Sexual play with the cage taken off is naturally where orgasm denial really comes into its own. There’s a huge range of ways a Mistress can use this kind of play to her advantage, firmly establishing dominance over her pathetic slave. These include:
  • Denying his orgasm until Mistress has had her fill of pleasure.
  • Edging the slave (sometimes multiple times) and then locking him back up to encourage better behavior.
  • Forcing him to orgasm without his cock through anal play or prostate stimulation.
  • Utilizing bondage to restrict him and forcing him to orgasm over and over until he experiences dry orgasms.
  • Making a slave think he’s going to cum but denying it suddenly to emphasize Mistress’s power over him.
  • Testing how long he can last by edging him over and over again.

The limit is your own imagination, but throughout all of these scenarios there’s always one constant: Mistress controls your cock, and Mistress controls your orgasm. As the foundation of any chastity pledge, being able to reinforce this through orgasm control is a great way for a Mistress to intensify the dynamics of the Dom/sub relationship.

It’s not always about what goes on in the bedroom though! Sometimes there are simply times when a cage isn’t appropriate. Perhaps Mistress will be out of town for a while, and leaving the slave locked up with no access to the key would be unsafe. Or maybe the slave is unable to safely wear a cage while working.

In these scenarios a well behaved slave should be able to control his impulses, and his orgasms, and a Mistress should be able to trust her sub not to take advantage of his time unlocked.

How To Control Orgasm (Your Slave’s Or Your Own)

Even though orgasm control is one of the core principles of a chastity relationship, you’d be surprised how many slaves suck at it. Or you might not be in a chastity relationship, and simply want more control over your orgasms so you’ll last longer in bed or be able to deal with premature ejaculation. Whatever the reason, let’s look at some techniques to help you learn how to control orgasm.

    1. Practice Edging – You don’t have to wait until your Domme decides it’s time for edging, you can practice on your own. Bring yourself to the brink of orgasm and then stop. It’s really that simple. You’ll probably fail a few times, but the more you practice the easier it’ll be to hold in the orgasm.
    2. Work On Breathing – As you come closer to orgasm, your breathing will naturally speed up. Sometimes simply slowing down your breathing is enough to stave off the climax for a few more minutes. Tantric practices combine this with visualization exercises for a greater effect.
    3. Kegel Exercises – The muscles which tense up to prevent the release of fluid are called the Kegel muscles, and they become weaker as you age. Practicing a pelvic floor exercise regime will help keep these muscles in peak condition and help with your orgasm control.
    4. Try a Condom – If you’re really struggling to control your orgasm, then a condom might be the answer. The extra material surrounding your cock can reduce the sensitivity of any kind of stimulation and help you to last longer.
    5. Use Numbing Lube or Wipes – Similarly to using a condom, there are a variety of numbing products on the market that can help reduce the sensitivity of your penis and help hold off ejaculation.
    6. Start Anal Training – More beneficial for men in chastity relationships, anal training can help prepare your butt for more intense sessions when Mistress decides it’s time to force you to orgasm.
    7. Wear a Chastity Device – While it might seem like an obvious answer, having a physical prison around your penis will prevent orgasm when all other options fail.

Benefits of Orgasm Control

Orgasm control isn’t all about what happens in the bedroom though. There are plenty of benefits to both your health and your relationship that come from having greater control over your cock.

First, and perhaps most importantly, it reinforces the Dom/sub dynamic. She’s in control of your orgasms, your most intimate moments. Without her you’ll never feel pleasure again, and when she deems you worthy it’ll feel so much sweeter.

You’ll probably also notice that your orgasms are much more intense. Especially after a period of denial or edging, you’ll be desperately waiting for your release. When it finally comes your orgasms might be the best you’ve ever had.

As your control builds, you’ll also find that you can last longer and longer during sex. That means even more time to make sure your dom enjoys themselves, and if you work hard enough, you might get to enjoy yourself too.

Finally, you’ll be able to truly prove your dedication to your dominant. When they can choose if (and when) you reach climax, they’ll feel even more empowered. They’ll know that you’re completely under their control, and trust you to obey any rule.

And that’s what it’s all about how to control orgasm, isn’t it?