Röda eller svarta strumpor på mina perfekta ben

Sexy women legs: do you prefer red or black tights? Let’s discover what does Mistress Kym wear during her week…

Kom in i min värld för att se hela galleriet

Legs, legs and legs again.
I love to imprison my sub by wrapping up his body with my long legs. I look deep in his eyes while I keep him restrained.
He adores my legs.

He also gets turned on by the mere sight of a bare leg, with a high-heeled shoe on the foot.

From here you can recognize his fetish for legs, shoes and feet. As our femdom relationship progresses, his fetishes increase and vary.

When I want to reward him, it’s enough for me to show him my legs, while I walk back and forth in front of his eyes full of sexual desire.