Vår FLR i några bilder

Female domination in a few shots, to show you that there is love, respect and communication even in a femdom relationship.

Kom in i min värld för att se hela galleriet

Detta är ögonblick i vår FLR. Vår relation är intensiv, kraftfull, spännande, sensuell, full av passion och respekt. Jag njuter av att tillbringa tid med min sub och uppleva nya praktiker med honom utan gränser, vara helt och hållet mig själv.

Female domination is not about hate, violence or malice. It is a position that the Mistress decides to have within her femdom couple.

Female domination can be established with a simple look, with a gesture, with words but also with actions.

A dominant woman has total control over the life of her submissive, who is helpless at her mercy.

She knows what needs to be done and how, and uses her steadfastness and determination to deliver this message to her submissive. He, without even thinking, obeys and blindly trusts her.

She is a muse, a goddess, a woman who owns him.