Jag älskar att få mina fötter dyrkade av min sub

I love to have a foot worship slave, always ready to take care of my lovely feet, massage them, or clean them with his warm tongue.

Kom in i min värld för att se hela galleriet

I adore to have my sub’s face and tongue on my feet, soles, shoes. I adore to watch him worshiping them with passion.
It is so exciting to pull his head straight on and under my feet…

And don’t even imagine my sub’s excitement in that position, with only my feet in his face. They are one of his greatest passions. He would live massaging them, licking them and cleaning them well.

Besides, one thing that really turns him on is putting on my shoes.

Only on these occasions do I let him choose them and he can put them on for me. He can smell them, lick them, clean them, remove them and put them back.

Enough. The reward ends here and his role of foot worship slave is over for today.