My new red and gold shoes with high heels

Mistress shoe worship, my sub is ready to worship also my new entries red and gold. High heels, super sexy, ready to be worn by Mistress Kym.

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This is the new arrival among my shoes collection: red and gold high heels. Super sexy, perfect for a hot night out, great passion colors.

It was my dream to have them, I could have done anything to have them. They are as precious as the feet wearing them…

In my closet there are hundreds of shoes, of all types and colors. I could wear a different shoe for every day of the year.

This closet is taken care of by my submissive. His job is to keep it perfectly tidy and clean.
If I ask him for a specific pair of shoes, he has to know exactly where they are and bring them to me within minutes.

He knows the high-heeled shoes perfectly, they are his fetish.

Every day my submissive does mistress shoe worship. In this way he assures me that the wardrobe is in order and the shoes perfectly in place.