Holding my slave’s chastity device’s key

Holding my slave’s male chastity cage is one of the tasks I have since I decided to be a keyholder. Exciting, isn’t’ it?

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To have an orgasm is one of all humans’ top desires. To control my sub’s orgasm is my top desire.

I know he will do everything I want, unconditionally. Will I be satisfied about his services? Will he deserve an orgasm?

At the moment I would say no. In fact, I made him wear a metal chastity cage, closed with a nice padlock. I have the key. I wear it around my ankle, so he sees it constantly, and his desire to be released to have a super orgasm grows.

The key is visible, but not reachable.

Psychologically, for the submissive this is torture. You want to be released, you see the solution but you can’t have it.

Stay locked in your male chastity cage until I decide that you can have your pleasure and cum when I order it.