Enjoying the sun with sunglasses, red & black dress

Mistress sunglasses and black dress: this is how Mistress Kym walks around in the woods. How lucky would you be if you meet her?

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Walking in the woods, thinking about how much my life has changed in the last years: from a vanilla relationship to a 24/7 FLR, from a next-door girl to a mistress.
I love it, but I still want to experience so many sides of this practice!

The calm of the forest is an excellent anti-stress for everyone.
I love walking among the trees and enjoying some rays of sunshine kissing my skin.
I am wearing mistress sunglasses and an adorable little dress.

My submissive is behind me, following me like a shadow but without disturbing or hindering me. He doesn’t say a word, he doesn’t smile and he watches me with love and desire to be possessed by me in a fabulous femdom session.