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Consensual relationship means that you belong to me, I am your owner and you agree with it. Being a submissive is also that.

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We are living a consensual FLR, this is our lifestyle and we are both totally into it.

I am a domme, the one with the power.

I still spend some time teaching my sub that he belongs to me. The collar is becoming like underwear for him, it is a clear sign of ownership.

At the beginning of the relationship it is not so easy to introduce the concept of possession and belonging.

Initially, the man was a partner, then he became a submissive, and finally a slave. This is possible in a femdom consensual relationship.

There are rules of respect, trust and love that must be respected. Communication is very important and strengthens the relationship and intimacy of the couple.
Often, a consensual relationship is governed by a BDSM contract.