In this article, we’re going to find out how to become a Findom, by breaking down what this practice is, why people enjoy it, and how you can get involved in the experience on your own.

No matter what gets your rocks off, you can find somewhere to get your kicks. That is why the internet is such a great thing – it offers people the perfect opportunity to enjoy something a little more kinky. Being able to open up about the kind of things that you enjoy the most in the bedroom, though, is not easy. Especially when you have very unique kinks. For example, have you ever heard of ‘Findom’ and how to become a Findom? This is a growing BDSM-inspired trend that somewhat warps the concept of submission and dominance.

What is Findom (Financial Domination)?

Findom, then, is about financial domination. For the most part, the submissive party – usually a well-off male – will be willing to give up their finances and control of their money to their amante. Sometimes, this is called a femdomme. In some circles, the male individual will be called numerous names – sometimes, though, the most common name to be ascribed to someone in this position is ‘paypig’ – funny, right?

What does Findom revolve around?

It changes from person to person, but the starting consensus is that the submissive will pay their dominant to dominate and control them in some way. It could even be something as simple as humiliating and dominating the person into buying something extravagant for the financial dominatrix. Others will get their kicks by handing over large quantities of money and watching their findom spend it as they please.

Lots of people get a real sense of arousal out of seeing someone spend their money in front of them. The submissive gets to enjoy the kink of seeing their money spent in front of them, usually in exchange for domination and some form of pleasure outside of just the money. The findom gets to be aroused and turned on by the fact they are spending all of this money and having control over their paypig.

how to become a findom
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Finding a Financial Dominatrix

If you are someone who loves the idea of having a mistress spend your money, you are in luck. Many platforms exist that have many findoms on it waiting for you to get in touch and give them access to your money. As you might imagine, it is not hard to find beautiful women willing to go and spend your moolah!

How do you find yourself a findom? You can start by looking online at various online findom websites. This is probably the easiest way to get started in this field, as most people in this scene don’t exactly tell the world this is what they enjoy outright. So, platforms like this help to cut out the pretence and make it obvious why you are here and what you are looking for.

Tips for beginners – How to become a Findom

Of course, what about how to become a Findom? Even guys who are absolutely in love with the idea of being a paypig are not likely to just admit it to the first woman who asks them. If you want to get involved in this field, you need to be smart about how you get started. One of the best things that you could do, though, is start with the sites that were recommended above. You can create an account there. There, you can also learn how to become a Findom, and how to become a paypig.

Going on there without experience, though, is likely to lead to some disappointment for all parties. You might not be happy with the class of man that you attract, and you might find it hard to give the paypig the arousal that they are looking for. Like most forms of BDSM and submission, to find out how to become a findom requires a lot of time spent building up trust and forming a happy relationship with the people involved.

Over time, though, spending time conversing with a paypig could create the environment where you could step into this field. The secret, really, is to find one person and then make sure that you do everything you can to make it work. By using the above sites, though, you should find it easy to get someone’s interest.

You will need to create a detailed profile and use your imagination to create an enticing background image of yourself. It might be wise to get some sultry or even professional photos of yourself in a dominating situation. Look at other accounts for inspiration, but add your twist: don’t just copy what everyone else on these dating sites is doing. Be your person, and this is much more likely to work.

how to become a findom
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How to be a professional

To become a professional dominatrix, you first need to develop the mindset and mentality required to succeed. You need to be able to build a strong presence that captivates paypigs and makes them willing to part with wads of cash to allow you to dominate them and give them the satisfaction they so desire.

First off, set a target for how much money you are looking to have each month from your paypig. Without a target, you can attract all kinds of bozos who simply cannot give you the life that you are looking for. You should start looking into what kind of guy you want to target and then look into their primary passions. Read into the characteristics of what makes a paypig in certain fields.

For example, someone who works in a ‘dull’ but well-paying industry might be looking for someone to ignite some passion in their life. Someone who works in a field where they are the boss might be looking for someone to boss them around and take away their power. Also, be sure to think about how you will word your skills – you have to make yourself sound worth all of that financial outlay on their part.

Be sure to set up an account that lists your skills, your experience, the kind of paypig you are best suited to, your expected budget, and also your boundaries. Where do you draw the line? Are you in this for a bit of sexual fun and gratification or just the dominance? Is this a one-off thing or a long-term relationship?

There are lots of questions and angles to consider here, and often, there is very little time to consider what you want to do. You should look at other profiles on findom sites to see what the general consensus seems to be. You will also need to create policies for things like privacy and protection. Read into this, again using others as an example, and you will find it easier to craft the profile your persona needs.

Lastly, work on your game—make sure you are skilled in the art of seduction, domination, and immersion. You want that paypig clawing at the screen, willing to empty their account to get what you are offering. This can be daunting at first, but with some experience and a few attempts at getting it right, you should be completely capable of making yourself that findomme you desire to be.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your earnings!