Il s'agit d'un billet invité sur humiliation d'un petit pénis.


Today I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to do small penis humiliation via basically having a fake session with you.

You, the readers, are the person wielding a small penis and I am the one who’s going to humiliate.

You can feel free to use some of my examples, of course.

Don’t use all of them because then it’s just going to sound scripted. You should take whatever I say and make it your own.

Possibly even just use synonymous things for what I write.

It is a very specific category of humiliation and feminine domination.

So it’s not exactly easy to make it your own, I guess. Especially if you don’t really have experience in it.

But I mean adding a personality, adding what you are like, what you enjoy and what you would like your viewer to do.

Should hopefully make it more yours.


Un exemple rapide d'humiliation d'un petit pénis

So this example is going to be for someone who you are visually interacting with, as well as verbally. Of course, a small penis should be involved 😉

“Good boy. I know you just love to listen to me and do whatever I say so let’s get started.

Take that little tiny dick out of your pants. I want to see it.

Do you call that a dick? I’ve seen credit cards that are bigger and obviously more useful than your tiny little cock.

It’s so small.

It’s like the same size as a battery.

Do you have a battery?

Can you hold it up next to it? I want to see how little that is. You are so pathetic.

You are disgusting.

humiliation d'un petit pénis
Source : Pinterest

I bet that when you were younger you did hope and you pray that it would grow. It never did. Just kept being small.

You probably looked the other guys in the gym, in the locker rooms.

I see you staring at their cocks, trying to figure out why yours is so little.

Did you go change in the bathroom because you had to hide your teeny weeny?

Sorry, you’re decades absolutely useless. My little pinky and big room and it would probably make me gag more in my mouth.

I could just touch it on my cheek and you would think I’m deep throwing it.

Uh, do you like that?

But I don’t make you cry.

Actually, I hope I do. I hope I make you fucking sob.


Après l'humiliation...

Of course, sessions are going to be longer than a minute and a half.

You’re going to have to think of more synonymous things to do with tiny dicks.

You can use something that’s not a battery, but just keep going with that.

And if you ever get stuck, which sometimes we do, just start laughing at their dick.

Just laugh at it, look at it and just say “I can’t even help myself from laughing at your tiny dick. It’s so hard to even talk”.

And then, that still implies that you are humiliating them, that their dick is small, that you’re laughing at them.

But it also gives you time to recuperate.

Think about what you’re gonna say.

And I mean, everybody looks cute when they laugh.

Source : Pinterest

So, all right, now in this example, you are going to be humiliating someone who actually has a big dick.

Some guys will come in and ask for you to humiliate them, even if their dick is big and it’s difficult, it’s hard to maneuver around.

You would have to think of more complicated things to hurt their feelings than the usual ones you’re taking. So it’s going to be hard.

I find that a lot of guys who asked for this are men who are in powerful positions and crave to be belittled because in their regular life they’re not.


Consequences of small penis humiliation

Certainly, exploring emotions and feelings in a more general context, also small penis humiliation can evoke a range of complex reactions.

When a submissive, regardless of gender, experiences humiliation, emotions such as shame, embarrassment, and vulnerability often surface.

These feelings can be intense and challenging, impacting self-esteem and triggering a desire to overcome or cope with the situation.

On a positive note, navigating through humiliation can foster resilience, empathy, and a deeper understanding of oneself.

It becomes an opportunity for personal growth, encouraging the development of coping mechanisms, and building emotional strength over time. Embracing vulnerability and learning from such experiences can contribute to a more profound sense of self-awareness and, ultimately, resilience.



In conclusion, both verbal and physical humiliation, can get you positive or negative emotions and feelings. Even when it involves small penis humiliation.

Here I summarize it in a few points:


  1. Resilience Building: Small penis humiliation can contribute to the development of resilience, fostering the ability to bounce back from challenging situations.
  2. Empathy: Going through small penis humiliation, a sub can cultivate empathy, as he gains a deeper understanding of the impact of his Mistress words and actions.


  1. Emotional Distress: Humiliation often triggers negative emotions such as shame, embarrassment, and vulnerability, causing emotional distress.
  2. Damaged Self-Esteem: Repeated experiences of humiliation can erode self-esteem, leading to a diminished sense of self-worth.

It’s important to note that the impact of humiliation can vary widely depending on the context, intent, and individual resilience. Balancing the potential for personal growth with the risk of emotional harm is crucial when considering the effects of humiliation.



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