A few years ago I started to go deeper and deeper into BDSM and began to fully experience my femdom lifestyle with a partner who became my submissive. In this relationship, I have an important role like a dominant wife.

Being in a relationship with a dominant wife may not be easy, but has a lot of advantages.

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But let’s go back to what you need to know about a dominant Wife.


If we consider the onset of the new century as a time of embracing strong and confident women, it signals the beginning of an era where women can assert themselves confidently. It’s time to dispel the unjust tarnishing of our reputation that has persisted for far too long.

Via word of mouth, people attribute the following characteristics to us, and whoever is considered a dominant wife:

– Overbearing, namely someone who is domineering, excessively controlling, or dictatorial. An overbearing person tends to assert their opinions or authority in a forceful and oppressive manner, often without regard for others’ feelings or perspectives.

– Desire to micromanage, namely someone who monitors and directs the work of others in an excessively detailed and often intrusive manner. This can involve giving too many instructions, closely scrutinizing every step, and generally not allowing much autonomy for the individuals involved.

– Diminishing men’s vigor, namely someone who suggests a reduction or weakening of men’s strength, energy, or vitality. It can refer to various factors such as physical health, emotional well-being, or overall resilience. The phrase implies a decline or loss of the qualities associated with robustness, vigor, or general vitality in men.

Additionally, there are other baseless myths. In truth, a dominant wife proves to be an outstanding companions, confidantes, and life partners. Indeed, life partners. The widespread slander about them being belittling stems solely from men lacking fortitude, who prefer subjugation over partnership in a mate. Put simply, they are reluctant to embrace a genuine woman in totality.

Here are 11 things why a Dominant Wife embodies the ideal life partners:

1. We are proactive in intimacy

For ages, there’s been grumbling that females lack initiative in romantic encounters, but this is a misconception. Many of us do take the lead—you’ve just overlooked us. A dominant wife will eagerly commence intimacy, affording you something to boast about regarding your partner’s passion.

2. We embolden you

Assertive females seek counterparts of equal tenacity. As your committed partner, we aim to be your biggest cheerleader in your professional and personal aspirations. We anticipate your success just as we set high standards for ourselves.

3. We have high expectations of you

Assertive females often get labeled as overbearing. But what’s so unacceptable about expecting our partners to aim higher and achieve more? Rather than interpreting it as “overbearing,” consider it this way: We have faith in your potential. Our belief in you might even surpass your own, and yes, that means holding you accountable when you falter.

4. We are outgoing

We will not be timid about exploring novel experiences within the intimacy of the bedroom. While not every assertive woman might be exceptionally adventurous, most will certainly be open-minded to new intrepid undertakings that may have eluded you.

5. We are intrepid

A dominant wife will accompany you to professional gatherings and engage with your associates without hesitation. We won’t cling subserviently but rather complement you, enhancing your image manifold. Yes, that’s a promise.

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6. Distress is not our narrative

Contrary to age-old male fantasies of rescuing and thereby shaping the ‘ideal woman’, that ideology is nothing but folklore. Encountering a ‘damsel in distress’ merely lands you a bundle of her troubles on your shoulders. Assertive women are self-reliant; we don’t need rescuing.

7. We are self-sufficient

We don’t anticipate rescue; assertive women look out for themselves. By being our optimal selves, we enter unions prepared to enrich them, allowing our spouses to be their utmost selves as well. Independence contributes to our character and fortitude, advantageous for marital harmony.

8. We reinforce your strength

Strength begets strength, particularly in marriage. Standing beside an assertive woman doesn’t diminish you—it reinforces you, backing your decisions and enabling personal growth, fortifying the foundation of your ambitions and ethos.

9. We welcome your resilience

We don’t seek unquestioning agreement; we’re not running a command post—we’re building a life together. We desire a partner who will defy and stimulate us, fostering our growth and mastery, someone with whom we can stand tall and be mutually driven.

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10. We have our lives ordered

Choosing a strong and assertive life partner means aligning with a woman who has organized her life comprehensively. She will approach every aspect with a clear plan and aspirations. Her intentions involve seeking the best for her and her partner, ensuring a quality life for all involved.

11. We are open to new experiences

Choosing an assertive partner means committing to someone who has her act together—encompassing everything from family to household—we’ve got plans and aspirations. We wish for the utmost for you and your kin, promising a life replete with fulfillment and ambition.

If you feel you are still not to that point, you can read some extra info and suggestions in this article.