Hjemme efter en lang aften i byen

I love to go out and enjoy life without thinking about anything. While I go back home I always think about my submissive humiliation, and how exciting it will be to close the night humiliating him…

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Why did I tag this video as “mental-control”? Mental control is the art of controlling emotions, thoughts, and feelings of another person. This can be done even if you are not facing that person. Let’s say, in a more indirect way.

I know for sure that when I am out for the whole evening and night, in my sub’s mind there is only 1 thought….. me.

He is wondering what am I doing, with whom am I, when I will be back and especially HOW I will be back: satisfied? happy and relaxed? drunk? in a sadistic mood? frustrated and angry?… every time it’s a different one, no way to forecast that, he just has to undergo what will happen on my return!