Nytårsaften med fyrværkeri og pisk

BDSM whip and fireworks: this is the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve! A great session to start a new year in perfect harmony.

Træd ind i min verden for at se det fulde galleri

What a wonderful New Year’s Eve with colorful fireworks!
Og jeg selv er klar til at nyde årets sidste BDSM-session, mens jeg forbereder mig på at piske min sub, drikker noget god vin og beundrer et betagende landskab.

New Year’s Eve has something exciting and sensual about it.

Maybe because it’s the last day of the year, or maybe because we celebrate at night… we drink a lot, we feel like having sex.

This year I decided to celebrate at home with a super femdom session that my submissive won’t soon forget. I’m ready, I’m horny, I have all my BDSM tools ready…let the party begin!