Min krop og dens smukke detaljer

Mistress body and its beautiful details all in one collection. Those pictures were taken during the first years of femdom relationship.

Træd ind i min verden for at se det fulde galleri

A collection of images about a Mistress body. We are talking about Mistress Kym’s perfect body.

Jeg føler mig meget sensuel og tilpas i min egen hud: Jeg elsker at vise den, røre den og opleve nye fornemmelser med den.

Having a beautiful body helps, but that’s not all.

Attitude is far more important and impactful than a perfect body.

A real Mistress must behave as such, her character must follow her role and vice versa.
Being dominant, showing security in everything she does with him, and the tranquility she has when maintaining control over everything, makes her a true Mistress.

Even the submissive will notice it … however, the eye wants its part.