Fra nabopige til Domme

FLR relationship: from next-door-girl to Domme. This is the evolution I had when I finally became Mistress Kym. Dominant by nature, I found myself wanting to live such a lifestyle.

Træd ind i min verden for at se det fulde galleri

I was a next-door girl in a vanilla relationship, and now I am a domme in a Female Led Relationship. I love this lifestyle and I am so glad I followed my gut.

I am a female supremacist, and I still love men as long as they stay at their place. I want to be in control and express myself without limits.

Each of us has its own nature, the Mistress generally has a dominant nature. She loves having control over other people, and making decisions. This, in and out of bed.

A submissive, on the other hand, has an attitude of obedience. He does what his muse requires of him. It’s that simple.

In a FLR relationship, the roles are very distinct: who dominates and who submits.