Aften i min havepavillon efter en sensuel massage

After a femdom massage, I enjoy the evening in my gazebo. Relaxing and sensual atmosphere, perfect before the goodnight pussy licking.

Træd ind i min verden for at se det fulde galleri

Sikke en perfekt afslutning på dagen: Jeg kan endelig nyde denne vidunderlige aften i min havepavillon efter en sensuel og afslappende kropsmassage.
My body smells so good now, and it is so oily… and my feet are ready to be worshiped again by my sub.

While we’re out, I let my submissive massage my body, feet, head. In short everything that needs to be relaxed.
In return, I let him smell the aroma of my feet. I bring them close to his nose, brush against him, and he gets turned on until he cums.

Once inside the house, the routine includes a few minutes of pussy licking before good night.
I love this lifestyle, I love femdom.